New user

How to proceed:
1) Contact by e-mail:
Flow cytometry: cytometrie [at]
Electronic microscopy: microcopie.photonique [at]
Photonic microscopy: microscopie.electronique [at] ijm.fr2) Register on the platform’s booking site.

3) Once your information has been verified and validated, you will receive your login (first name.last name) to connect.

4) Log on to the platform’s booking site, download and sign the platform’s charter.


Use of the equipment:

After receiving the signed charter, the platform’s engineers will be able to perform the services.
You will also be able to book the equipment online for which you have been trained.
If necessary, the platform’s engineers will accompany you throughout your project.



The use of the platform’s equipment is subject to a fee (see our rates). The fees are calculated to cover the maintenance and updating of the platform’s equipment.
A detailed invoice for the services provided will be sent to you each month. You can retrieve your information at any time on the booking site.
In return, you must send a purchase order to the institute’s accounting department.