October 2022: New LSM980 Airyscan2 scanning confocal and two-photon module available as part RH26B.
Latest generation Zeiss confocal, equipped for live experiments, allowing simultaneous spectral separation and FRAP experiments. The Airyscan 4Y module allows a 50% increase in resolution compared to a conventional confocal and an increase in acquisition speed. The two-photon microscopy module allows for more in-depth observation of samples.
September 2022 : New ELYRA7 Super-Resolution microscopy system in RH22B room.
Microscope allowing PALM and dSTORM experiments for localization accuracy down to 20nm.  Lattice SIM experiments allowing a 3D resolution increase of two times the theoretical limit and compatible with the living. TIRF experiments to observe events at the interface between the cell membrane and its substrate.
June 2022: New FLIM and FCS module on the confocal LSM980 in room RH20B1.
The FLIM technique allows studying the fluorescence lifetime in the sample, which gives information on its biological state as well as the interaction between proteins by the FLIM-FRET technique. FCS techniques allow the study of the mobility of fluorescent molecules.
September 2021: Upgrade of the CSU X1 FRAP spinning disk and UV Photoablation in RH20B9.
The spinning disk X1 FRAP has a new laser bench (405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 561nm, 642nm) as well as the possibility to do FRAP with the 5 lasers and photoablation by pulsed UV.