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The Institut Jacques Monod is one of the main centres of fundamental research in biology in the Paris region.

The Institut Jacques Monod is a joint research unit (UMR7592) of the CNRS and the University Paris Cité.

The Institut Jacques Monod comprises some thirty teams carrying out research in three research themes (Genome and Chromosome Dynamics, Cell Dynamics and Signalling, Development and Evolution) and two cross-cutting themes (Quantitative Biology and Modelling, Molecular and Cellular Pathologies). Interdisciplinary research at the interface of physics, mathematics, chemistry and medicine is strongly encouraged.

The Institute is located in the Buffon building on the campus of the University of Paris, in Paris Rive Gauche.

The Institut Jacques Monod employs approximately 250 people (researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians, administrative staff, post-doctoral students and visitors from France and abroad).

Its current director is Valérie Doye, its deputy director Nicolas Minc, and its secretary general Zoubeir Zadvat.

An important technological platform open to the outside world

To support its research, the Institut Jacques Monod has developed a very important technological platform which aims to offer high-level services in the fields of flow cytometry, electron and photonic microscopy, proteomics and the quantitative analysis of genome transcription products.

Led by highly specialised researchers and engineers, the various departments of this platform have a fourfold vocation of research, service, expertise and skills transfer. Created to make cutting-edge technologies available to the scientific community, they are widely open to teams outside the Institute, whether they belong to the academic or private sector.

A centre for research training and knowledge dissemination

The Institut Jacques Monod also provides research training. Some fifty students of all nationalities are currently preparing a doctoral thesis at the Institut Jacques Monod. In addition, nearly one hundred students at BTS, Licence, Master 1 and Master 2 levels are welcomed each year within the teams for introductory research courses.

Many of the scientists at the Institut Jacques Monod are involved in teaching at the university. In addition, a group of researchers from the Institute runs 5 training modules for thesis students from the Ile-de-France doctoral schools.

Several hundred scientists have been trained or have completed long-term internships at the Institute. They are now working in laboratories all over the world and many of them are leading important research units.

Finally, the involvement of the members of the Institut Jacques Monod in the dissemination of research advances is reflected in the organisation of approximately 110 research seminars per year, Monod-Diderot Conferences, scientific meetings, specialised symposiums and open days.


An Institute worthy of its name

Jacques Monod, winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Medicine along with François Jacob and André Lwoff, played a key role in the creation, in 1966, of the Institute that now bears his name. The research carried out at the Institut Jacques Monod strives to perpetuate the spirit of discovery that drove him.


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