ProteoSeine implements high-resolution electrospray mass spectrometers coupled to high-performance chromatographic systems.

Bottom-up analyses are performed on a latest generation timsTOF Pro2 (Bruker) coupled to a high-throughput separation instrument (Evosep One). The TIMS (Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry) technology is primarily a gas phase separation technique that solves sample complexity by adding an extra dimension of separation to high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. The TIMS device also accumulates and concentrates ions of a given m/z and mobility. By synchronising the ion accumulation and sequencing cycles in parallel (Parallel Accumulation-Serial Fragmentation (PASEF) technology), the device can offer extremely high MS/MS speed and sensitivity for in-depth proteome coverage and unbiased differential protein quantification.

The platform is also equipped with proprietary software that allows reprocessing of raw data on two multi-core computing servers and multivariate statistical analysis of abundance results. The facility is in particularly good capacity to handle large sample sizes in automated workflows.

Native-MS and intact protein analyses are performed on a Cyclic IMS instrument (Waters) incorporating a revolutionary cyclic ion mobility technology. The instrument also has EXD and SID fragmentation capabilities in addition to the CID fragmentation mode available in the TRAP and TRANSFER cells. This instrument is coupled to a high-pressure capillary chromatographic system of the M-Class type for the development of high-resolution protein separations. An ADVION nanomate robot is also available for automated direct infusion analysis in nanospray mode.


ProteoSeine implements also a Hamilton liquid handler for automated sample preparation and a high-pressure chromatographic system for handling protein separations in different modalities.