Thesis defense – Loïc Bideau – 06/12/2023

Thesis defense – Loïc Bideau – 06/12/2023

Loïc Bideau (Gazave Lab) will defend his thesis:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying posterior regeneration in the annelid Platynereis dumerilii


The thesis defense will take place on Wednesday December 6th at 2pm in François Jacob room and will be in French.

The jury will be composed of:

  • Hector ESCRIVA, DR, Sorbonne Université, Rapporteur
  • Stefano TIOZZO, DR, Sorbonne Université, Rapporteur
  • Mathilde PARIS, CR, ENS de Lyon, Examiner
  • Muriel PERRON, DR, Université Paris-Saclay, Examiner
  • Éric QUÉINNEC, PU, Sorbonne Université, Examiner
  • Antoine ZALC, CR, Université Paris Cité, Examiner
  • Eve GAZAVE, CR, Université Paris Cité, Thesis Director