Deputy Director


Valérie DOYE

After a thesis dedicated to the study of signal transduction in mammalian cells, Valérie Doye joined the team of Ed Hurt at EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany) as a post-doctoral fellow. There, using budding yeast as model system, she discovered what remains of her main field of study: the nuclear pores complexes.

Back in France, she continued her research on the functions of nuclear pores first at the Institut Curie (Paris) where she became group leader in 2000, and then, at Institut Jacques Monod (Paris) that she joined in 2008 at the time the Institute moved on the PRG campus. Her work has led to the identification of new constituents of nuclear pores (nucleoporins, notably those of the Nup107/Y-complex) initially in yeasts and then mammalian cells. Studies from her team “non conventional functions of nuclear pores” highlighted the role of this subset of nucleoporins in nuclear pore assembly but also, more unexpectedly, in chromosome segregation and cell differentiation. She currently seeks to understand how these functions may ultimately cause Y-complex-related pathologies, notably by using pluripotent stem cells and organoid differentiation.

Within Institut Jacques Monod, Valérie has been head of the Cell Biology Department (2009-2012, before departments were abolished), member of the institute council and management committee (CoDir) since 2012. She, and is deputy director since 2020.