Postdoctoral researcher in neuronal evolution and development M/F

Contract Period : 12 months
Expected date of employment : 1st September 2024

Apply before April 12nd on:



We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to compare the neuronal circuitry and behaviour between different insects in an effort to understand how animal behaviours evolve. The recruited postdoc will develop genetic tools for cell type-specific labeling and trans-synaptic tracing in the insect visual system. This project will be funded by an ERC Starting grant, which is running until August 2026.



The postdoc will adapt and develop Drosophila genetic tools in other insects. They will then use these tools to compare neuronal circuitry and behaviour based on existing single-cell sequencing data.



The recruited postdoc should preferably have:
– Strong interest in neuronal circuitry and neuronal evolution
– Extensive experience in molecular biology
– Experience working with non-traditional genetic model organisms
– Experience with transgenesis
– Scientific communication in English (required)


Work context

The postdoc will work in a team, which was established in 2021 at the Institut Jacques Monod. The team “Comparative developmental neurobiology” is led by Nikos Konstantinides. The work environment is international and a good level of communication in English is essential.
The initial duration of the contract will be one year, with possible extension up to 3 years