IJM Seminars – Dafni Hadjieconomou – 19/04/2024

IJM Seminars – Dafni Hadjieconomou – 19/04/2024

Invited by the Konstantinides Lab, Dafni Hadjieconomou (Team leader at the GutSense lab, Paris Brain Institute (ICM)) will present an Institut Jacques Monod Seminars on the theme:

“Mind the gut” a tale of two brains



A series of tightly controlled processes ensure that energy is either stored or consumed within an organism. This control is central to survival and prosperity of the animal, yet we only partly understand it. Communication between the brain and the gut, the so called “brain-gut axis”, has emerged as a key player in regulating aspects of animal physiology by directly affecting energy stores. Nevertheless, due to the astonishing anatomical complexity of the underlying neural circuits in mammals, an in depth understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling this axis is still lacking. Using the simpler, yet functionally comparable Drosophila melanogaster brain-gut axis as a model system, provides an entry point to tackling this problem. My team investigates the long-standing question on how environmental factors, such as lifestyle habits, impact animal physiology. This question is also relevant to developmental biology especially in line with the concept that the field extends to organ remodelling in the adult as exemplified in the case of the gut and its associated neurons.


The seminar will take place on Friday, April 19th 2024 à 11h45 in room François Jacob.