IJM Seminar – Stephanie Höhn – 15/09/2022

IJM Seminar – Stephanie Höhn – 15/09/2022

Invited by Hugo Wioland, Stephanie Höhn (Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge) wiil give on September 15th a seminar entitled:

Cut it out – Residual torques in dynamic cellular monolayers



How do cells generate the forces that shape our tissues and organs? In developing embryos, its cells move and change their shape in an astoundingly coordinated way. We need to understand the underlying mechanics, as errors in this self-organisation can lead to severe birth defects. Many tissues, including the primal gut, the neural tube and our retina, are formed through Cell Sheet Folding. I combine advanced imaging, experiments and computational modelling to reveal biophysical and mechano-chemical mechanisms underlying Cell Sheet Folding.

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