IJM Seminar – Arnaud Echard – 09/02/2024

IJM Seminar – Arnaud Echard – 09/02/2024

Invited by the Pintard, Arnaud Echard (Institut Pasteur) will present an IJM seminar on the theme:

Cell division: the final cut



We are interested in one of the most fundamental questions in biology: How a cell divides into two daughter cells. We particularly focus on cytokinesis, the last step of cell division leading to the physical separation of a mother cell into two independent daughter cells. Cytokinesis failure causes microcephaly and can favor tumor development, likely being responsible for 40 to 60% of human carcinomas.

Our lab addresses three main questions:

  1. How are the different components of the cytoskeleton dynamically remodeled during the late steps of cytokinesis?
  2. What are the molecular mechanisms and pathways that drive abscission?
  3. Can we discover new mechanisms involved in viral budding inspired by our findings in cytokinetic abscission?

In this seminar, I will present how our proteomic analysis of midbodies —the central part of the bridges connecting dividing cells— led us to propose that branched F-actin unexpectedly controls the timely and local disassembly of microtubules required for cytokinetic abscission.


The seminar will take place on Friday, February 9th at 11.45 am in room François Jacob.