Biology preparation service


The department prepares solutions and culture media (liquid or in Petri dishes) on a routine basis, as well as solutions on request under sterile conditions.

It prepares sterile equipment for the research teams (eppendorfs tubes, sterile tips, centrifuge jars, various instruments, etc.). He/she manages the daily dishwashing circuit. He/she collects the glassware from each module, cleans it in the machine, sterilises it and distributes it to the Institute’s various storage areas.



Patricia Moussounda, technicienne en biologie

service des milieux 655B

patricia.moussounda(at) / 01 57 27 81 92



Solange Dehan, préparateur en biologie

laverie 552B

solange.dehan(at) / 01 57 27 81 79


Soilihi Madi Ali, préparateur en biologie

laverie 252B

soilihi.madiali(at) / 01 57 27 80 27


Christie Ouaddi, préparateur en biologie

laverie 325B

christie.ouaddi(at) / 01 57 27 80 64