Séminaire IJM – Simon Sprecher – 12/01/2024

Séminaire IJM – Simon Sprecher – 12/01/2024

Invité par l’équipe Konstantinides, Simon Sprecher (Faculty of Science and Medicine, University of Fribourg) présentera un séminaire IJM :

Mechanistic and evolutionary insights into the making and forgetting of memories


Résumé :

Plasticity of the brain with its ability to learn and form memories is one of the most astonishing features of the nervous system. We study the molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms that are used to form, maintain or forget memories combining different model systems. A first focus lies on how memory maintenance and forgetting is balanced in the healthy and diseased brain. A second core line of research is dedicated to identify common and divergent processes in evolution that allow simple and complex cognitive functions to be achieved.

Le séminaire aura lieu le vendredi 12 janvier à 11h45 en salle François Jacob.