Séminaire IJM – Jean-Yves Tinevez – 15/04/2022

Séminaire IJM – Jean-Yves Tinevez – 15/04/2022

Jean-Yves Tinevez (Image Analysis Hub / C2RI / Institut Pasteur, Paris) donnera un séminaire le 15 avril prochain à 11h45 en salle François Jacob :


Bioimage analysis platforms to track cells in large samples.


The Image Analysis Hub (IAH) of the Institut Pasteur is a core facility dedicated to service in Bioimage Analysis. Our mission is to support the research projects of our users in Life Sciences with the tools and techniques of bioimage analysis. We work collaboratively with our users, typically performing quantification tasks, or adapting or developing image analysis pipelines or innovative tools, tailored for their Research.

A part of our mission is dedicated to the development of innovative image analysis tools. We are involved in the development of the Fiji and Icy software, contribute to libraries for core image processing in Napari. We are also involved in the development of application specified tools for instance in tracking.

In this talk I will introduce the IAH core facility and introduce some of the recent developments on two of the software platforms we develop for cell and organelle tracking, namely TrackMate and Mastodon. I will show how the development of these tools integrate with the service to our users and how they accelerate their project.


Contact : nicolas.minc (at) ijm.fr