Post-doc in genetics/genomics/evolution-M/W

Contract Period : 24 months
Expected date of employment : 1 April 2024

Apply before 1st of December 2023 on:


Managing a research project
Objective: creating a Vibrio cholerae strain adapted to DnaC, tracing the modifications and their succession during adaptation to DnaC to understand the mechanism underlying bidirectional replication initiation.


– Setting up the evolutionary screen assay
– Construction of the screen strain
– Construction of the plasmids of complementation
– Building a viable screen strain
– Steady state culture of cells and selection of cells with improved fitness
– Whole genome sequence of adapted cells
– Bioinformatics to identify the adaptive mutations


– Molecular biology (needed)
– Genetics (needed)
– Bioinformatics (would be a plus – formation possible)
– Evolutionary biology (would be a plus)
– Cytology (would be a plus)

Work context

The host team
The team comprises 3 permanent positions and 3 PhD students, working on the initiation of replication in vertebrates (human, chicken) and bacteria (Vibrio cholerae, Escherichia coli). The project will be supervised by Jean-Luc Ferat who is a professor at University Paris Cité.

The Institut Jacques Monod is a joint research unit of CNRS and Université Paris Cité. The Institute is ideally located on the left bank of Paris. The institute is a fundamental research center with some thirty groups covering the fields of genome and chromosome dynamics, cell dynamics and signaling, development and evolution with a rich scientific life.