IJM Seminars – Christophe Leterrier – 31/05/2024

IJM Seminars – Christophe Leterrier – 31/05/2024

Invited by the Ladoux/Mège Lab, Christophe Leterrier (Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, INP, NeuroCyto Lab) will present an IJM seminars on the theme:

The axonal cytoskeleton down to the nanoscale



The intricate arborization and molecular identity of axons is maintained for decades, but must also continuously adapt to changes in the environment and modulate the activity of neurons. Axons fulfill these paradoxical demands thanks to a unique cytoskeletal organization that ensures the coordinated transport, anchoring and assembly of axonal components. In our lab, we use super-resolution microscopy to delineate and map the nanoscale architecture of cytoskeletal structures within the axon: the periodic actin/spectrin submembrane scaffold, intra-axonal hotspots and trails, presynaptic actin assemblies, clathrin-coated pits. We are exploring their molecular organization and functions by combining versatile labeling approaches, correlative live-cell/super-resolution/electron microscopy and quantitative analysis that allow for high-content, nanoscale interrogation of the axonal architecture.


The seminar will take place on Friday, May 31st at 11.45 am in room François Jacob (15 rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris)