IJM Seminar – Takashi Hiiragi – 28/10/2022

IJM Seminar – Takashi Hiiragi – 28/10/2022

Invited by Jérôme Collignon, Takashi Hiiragi (Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands /ASHBi Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan) will give a seminar entitled:

Multicellular coordination in context


The Hiiragi group studies robustness in development and aims to understand the design principle of self-organising multi-cellular systems.

Self-organisation is a defining feature of living systems and entails complex interplay between molecular, cellular and mechanical signals across various spatio-temporal scales. Using early mammalian embryos as a model, the Hiiragi group adopts a variety of methods including genetics, microscopy, biophysics, engineering and modelling, to investigate how self-organised forms and patterns emerge from a spherical mass of cells.


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