IJM Seminar – Mounia Lagha – 26/01/2024

IJM Seminar – Mounia Lagha – 26/01/2024

Invited by the Palancade, Mounia Lagha (Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier) will present the IJm seminar:

Lighting up the central dogma to dissect how sharp developmental patterns are established


“A fundamental question in biology is how cellular processes are so reproducible despite the inherent variations in the chemical reactions governing them. During development of a multicellular organism, precise control of gene expression allows the reproducible establishment of patterns. Our goal is to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for precision in gene expression
and to link them to accuracy in cell fate decisions.

My team tackles this question using the early development of Drosophila as a model system, during the maternal to zygotic transition. During this critical developmental window, patterns of gene expression are rapidly established with remarkable reproducibility and accuracy. We use quantitative imaging, genetic manipulations, biophysics and mathematical modeling to integrate
the dynamic aspects of transcription and translation.

I will present our recent efforts to deploy quantitative imaging methods to monitor the dynamics of the central dogma in living embryos. Using snail and twist genes as a paradigm, we unravel
how transcriptional attenuation, mRNA localization and spatial control of translation contribute to sharp pattern formation.”

Virginia Pimmett¹, Maria Douaihy¹,², Louise Maillard¹, Antonio Trullo¹, Pierre Bensidoun¹, Morgane Verbrugghe¹, Amandine Palandri¹, Ovidiu Radulescu² and Mounia Lagha¹

1 Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier, University of Montpellier, CNRS-UMR 5535, 1919 Route de Mende, Montpellier 34293 cedex 5, France.

2 LPHI, UMR CNRS 5235, University of Montpellier,
Place E. Bataillon – Bât. 24 cc 107, Montpellier 34095 cedex 5, France.
@: mounia.lagha@igmm.cnrs.fr


The seminar will take place on Friday, January, 26th at 11.45 am in the room François Jacob.