Cytoskeleton Club – 15/02/2023

Cytoskeleton Club – 15/02/2023

We will have our Cytoskeleton Meeting Wednesday 15th of February at 9.30 am at the Pasteur Institute (Auditorium F. Jacob), side 28 rue du Dr Roux 75015 Paris.


  • Akila Merah Yagoubat (post-doc, Paul Conduit lab, Institut Jacques Monod) will tell us about: Asymmetric microtubule nucleation from Somatic Golgi of Drosophila neuons
  • Jean de Seze (PhD student, Mathieu Coppey lab, Institut Curie). will talk about : Optogenetic control of protrusion and retraction with one single protein through RhoA pathway


Contact: veronique.brodu (a)

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