Cycling to divide: from single molecules to global networks

Cycling to divide: from single molecules to global networks

The dream of every cell is to become two cells (François Jacob, 1920-2013).

This citation can be considered as the key phrase describing all previous 15 Jacques Monod conferences in the Cell cycle series that took place in Roscoff. Each meeting had a slightly shifted focus on topics of how cells achieve this dream, and which control mechanisms are in place to prevent one cell’s dream to unleash chaos in the whole organism. Insights into the overarching principles governing cell cycle control have been obtained from a variety of model organisms, each with its specific technical advantages. Because cell cycle control is such a conserved process, the basic mechanisms discovered from studies in single cell organisms such as yeast also apply to multicellular organisms. Key regulatory proteins exist in one way or the other in all organisms and often control the same processes, with the addition of another layer of complexity due to a multicellular environment, specific developmental requirements or requirements related to tissue differentiation.

The speakers invited allow us to propose a program ranging from recent advances obtained by global approaches to data obtained by single cell and even single molecule imaging. The program of this conference will cover very recent work on global approaches on cell cycle transitions, as well as studies on individual cells within multicellular organisms undergoing cell cycle and cell fate decisions. Speakers come from diverse scientific backgrounds, use a variety of model systems, and are at both junior and senior career stages. Additionally, there will be ample opportunity for oral presentations from participants, after selection from abstracts, and several poster sessions will enable all participants to present their most recent results. The meeting will take place in the beautiful setting of the CNRS marine station in Roscoff, Britanny, in France. The number of participants is limited to 110 attendees, which will be selected by the organizers, to enable discussion in an intimate setting.


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