Séminaire IJM – Romain Koszul – 14/06/2022

Séminaire IJM – Romain Koszul – 14/06/2022

Invité par Benoit Palancade, Romain Koszul (Institut Pasteur)  donnera le 14 juin à 11h45 un séminaire sur le thème :

Molecular mechanisms and chromatin determinants of chromosome folding in yeast


About his lab:

The folding of chromosomes is a carefully regulated process, essential to the function and propagation of DNA molecule(s) over generations. Past and recent work have revealed its importance in bacteria,  eukaryotes and archaea, where regulatory mechanisms have evolved to coordinate chromosome organization with other DNA-related metabolic processes such as DNA repair, segregation or gene expression. To address these questions, we combine genetics, synthetic genomics, modelling and computer science to perform experiments on a variety of species (e.g. E. coliS. cerevisiae, human). We also enjoy well-established collaborations with physicists (MozziconacciNollmann lab) and teams with skills and interests complementary to ours.

  • First, we investigate the functional organization of chromosomes in a variety of model microorganisms, including pathogens.
  • Second, we develop and apply new genomic techniques exploiting chromosome 3D contacts to investigate complex microbial communities.
  • Finally, we investigate infections from the point of view of chromosome structure, to improve our understanding of these processes.