Séminaire IJM – Olga Nagy – 27/02/2024

Séminaire IJM – Olga Nagy – 27/02/2024

Invitée par l’équipe Courtier, Olga Nagy (University of Szeged, Albert Szent-gyorgyi Medical School, Department of Forensic Medicine, Hungary), présentera un séminaire IJM sur le thème :

Challenges in forensic genetic investigation of archived biological traces


Résumé :

The discovery of microsatellite DNA loci suitable for personal identification were quickly introduce to routine forensic investigations in the late 1990’s. The novelties of forensic DNA technology enable to re-examine archived crime scene evidences and revisit doubtful or “cold” cases. Successful DNA analysis of old evidence samples depends on various factors such as preservation, quantity, carrier material, contaminants, etc. We investigated whether storage conditions affect DNA degradation and the detection of forensic DNA markers on samples kept in our forensic DNA laboratory for almost 25 years.

Le séminaire aura lieu le mardi 27 février 2024 à 11h45 en salle François Jacob.