Séminaire IJM – Lucie Laplane – 08/03/2022

Séminaire IJM – Lucie Laplane – 08/03/2022

The next IJM seminar will take place on 8 March 2022 at 11:45 in the François Jacob room.

Invited by the Vervoort team, Lucie Laplane, CNRS, University of Paris I (IHPST) & Gustave Roussy, will speak on the theme :

 Understanding Stem Cells Requires Interdisciplinarity


Contact : eve.gazave (at) ijm.fr


Lucie Laplane is CNRS permanent researcher (CRCN) at lnstitut d’Histoire et Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).

She works on stem cells, clonal evolution in cancer, tumor microenvironment, and regeneration. She mixes philosophy with experimental approaches (wetlab biology) and bioinformatic analyses. Her goal is to use philosophy to contribute to science (thus mainly publishing in scientific journals), in the line of Philosophy in Biology/Medicine. To develop such interdisciplinary research, she works in a biology lab at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, where she is hosted by the team “Hematopoietic tissue aging” since 2014, as well as with Leïla Perié lab at Curie (“Quantitative Immuno-Hematology“) and Michel Vervoort lab at l’Institut Jacques Monod (“Stem Cells, Development and Evolution”).


She is the PI of two project: (1) The project “Philosophy, Phylogeny, and Biology of Stem Cells” is funded by the ANR, (2) The project “Philosophical and experimental analysis of clonal dynamics” is funded by the Cancéropôle île-de-France.

At Gustave Roussy, she organizes internships for students in Philosophy, to provide them access to science lab. She also co-lead the Human Sciences program with Dr Ines Vaz-Luis. (https://www.gustaveroussy.fr/en/humanities-and-social-sciences-program-innovation-oncology)

She was awarded the CNRS Bronze medal en 2021. Her PhD was awarded the Aguirre-Basualdo prize of the Chancellerie des Université de Paris in 2014.