Séminaire IJM – Antonio Scialdone – 19/12/2023

Séminaire IJM – Antonio Scialdone – 19/12/2023

Invité par l’équipe Collignon, Antonio Scialdone (Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells, Helmholtz Munich), présentera un séminaire IJM sur le thème :

Making heads or tails of mouse embryonic development using single-cell transcriptomics and physical modeling


“Before the body plan can be laid down, a “coordinate system” must be established to distinguish the anterior from the posterior side of the embryo. In mouse, this occurs through the migration of a sub-set of visceral endoderm cells called Anterior Visceral Endoderm (AVE). By which mechanism AVE cells migrate and how they differentiate from the rest of the visceral endoderm are still open questions.

In this talk, I will show how we utilized single-cell transcriptomic data analysis to characterize the transcriptional dynamics of anterior/posterior pattern formation and found new signaling pathways regulating it.

Moreover, using physical models, I will discuss how cell-cell communication and cell geometry might have a crucial role in establishing the direction of migration of the AVE cells.”