Séminaire IJM – Anaïs Bardet – 23/02/2024

Séminaire IJM – Anaïs Bardet – 23/02/2024

Invité par l’équipe Gazave, Anaïs Bardet (CNRS, IGBMC, Strasbourg), présentera un séminaire IJM sur le thème :

Transcription factor sensitivity to DNA methylation


Résumé :

Multicellular organisms establish and maintain different transcriptional states in disparate cell types through complex and specific regulation of gene expression. This regulation is mediated by the cooperative binding of transcription factors to regulatory elements through the recognition of specific DNA sequence motifs. Additionally, the physical access of transcription factors to DNA can be modulated by epigenetic regulation, such as DNA methylation or nucleosome positioning. Failure to maintain this tight regulation of gene expression results in various diseases including cancer. We use both computational and experimental approaches and integrate genomic data to study transcription factor binding and its regulation in cellular systems.


Le séminaire aura lieu le vendredi 23 février 2024 à 11h45 en salle François Jacob.