Séminaire IJM – Alexander Palazzo – 02/02/2024

Séminaire IJM – Alexander Palazzo – 02/02/2024

Invité par l’équipe Palancade, Alexander Palazzo (Biochemistry Department, University of Toronto / Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Science Numérique, Université Paris-Saclay) présentera un séminaire IJM sur le thème :

How mRNA nuclear export allows you to live with a genome filled with junk DNA


Résumé :

In eukaryotes, the division of the cellular space into nucleoplasm and cytoplasm promotes quality control mechanisms that promote both the nuclear export of mRNAs and the nuclear retention and degradation of misprocessed mRNAs and junk RNAs. I will talk about our latest efforts to identify features that promote either export, retention and/or decay of different classes of RNAs. I will also discuss how GC-content, an important export-promoting feature in human protein-coding mRNAs, is being shaped by non-adaptive evolutionary processes.


Le séminaire aura lieu le vendredi 2 février 2024 à 11h45 en salle François Jacob.