Cell Adhesion and Mechanics


Mechanical constraints and force transmission play an essential role in multicellular living organisms They are regulating basic biological processes such as morphogenesis, tumor metastasis and tissue repair. Cell adhesions, coupled to the contractile cytoskeleton, are major sites of force transmission in cells. This mechanical coupling which enables cells to sense, signal, and respond to physical changes in the environment, has however been largely understudied. In this context, we are studying the cooperation between adhesion, mechanical and biochemical signaling for the adaptation of living cells to changes in their physical environment at various scales, from single molecules to tissues.

Keywords: mechanobiology, mechanosensing, epithelia homeostasis, collective cell migration, microfabrication, biophysics, cell extrusion, tissue mechanics

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We study force sensing and mechanotransduction at integrin-mediated cell-extracellular matrix and cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesions. To answer these questions, we have developed single cells and cell doublets models allowing a tight control of cell-matrix and cell-adhesion formation in a physically and mechanically defined microenvironment. Coupled with advanced microscopy, microforce sensor devices and classical cell biology, these approaches allow us to determine the molecular mechanisms that control cell adhesion and cytoskeleton remodeling, as well as cell shape and migration and their adaptation to environment compliance as well as to cytoskeleton visco-elastic properties and cell’s internal tension generated by myosin motors.




We study the collective behavior of cells in epithelial sheets, in the context of tissue homeostasis and wound healing. To answer these questions, we developing microfabricated tools   and biophysical tools to measure and control the mechanical properties and topology of cell’s microenvironment. These tools are combined with molecular approaches, advanced techniques in light microscopy, image analysis and modeling to study the influence of physical properties of the environment on the organization of epithelial layers, collective cell migration, single and collective cell polarization, cell division and cell extrusion. We are characterizing how physical constraints can lead to emergent dynamical and mechanical properties of various epithelial tissues.





We study how more complex epithelial tissues formed of mixed populations of cells (normal/adhesion deficient, normal/cancer, differentiation/stem cells) facing homogeneous and heterogeneous substrates (extracellular matrix chemistry, rigidity, geometry and topography), regulate homeostasis, segregate and/or auto assemble. Our aims are to determine i) how physical constraints of the microenvironment modulate mechanical properties of epithelial cells and tissues, ii) how they direct a variety of cell behaviors including stem cell proliferation, cell extrusion or delamination, cell migration, differentiation, and polarity, and iii) how they impact on the morphogenesis normal epithelial tissue, as well as the pathological development of intestinal rare diseases. Biomimetic substrates coupled to high resolution imaging and biochemistry are instrumental to reach these goals.

Group Leaders:

Téléphone : +33 (0)157278071 / Email : benoit.ladoux (at) ijm.fr

René-Marc MÈGE
Téléphone : +33 (0)157278067 / Email : rene-marc.mege (at) ijm.fr


Membres de l’équipe :

ANGER Lucas Engineer
D’ALESSANDRO Joseph Researcher
DE BECO Simon teacher-researcher
DUBEY Sushil Postdoc
FARDIN Marc-Antoine Researcher
DANG Tien Engineer
PENETI Sudheer Kumar PhD Student
ROSSE Carine invited researcher
SCHONIT Andreas PhD student
SHEN Yuan Postdoc
WODRASCKA Fanny PhD Student
WU Huiqiong Postdoc
XI Wang Researcher
CHILUPURI Ranjith Kumar PhD Student
JIANG Pan Postdoctorant
MARTINS Joana PhD Student visitor
VIGNES Hélène Postdoc
GRUDTSYNA Valeriia PhD Student visitor
THIANT Clémence PhD Student
ARKOWITZ Grégory PhD Student
DAI Wufei PhD Student
KAILASAM MANI Satish Postdoc
RACHIDI Joud Master 2

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Alexandre Kabla
Cambridge University, UK

Xavier Trepat
IBEC, Spain

Alpha Yap
University of Queensland, Australia

Julia Yeomans
Oxford University, UK

Michael Sheetz
Pakorn tony Kanchanawong
Lim chwee Teck
Yusuke Tonama
Yan Jie
Gianluca Grenci
Mechanobiology Institute (MBI), Singapore



Raphael Voituriez, Philippe Marcq
Sorbonne Université, Paris

Sylvie Hénon
Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Université de Paris

Philippe ChavrierChristophe LamazeJacques Prost
Institut Curie, Paris 

Olivier Goulet
Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades, Paris

Yong Chen
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Département de Chimie, Paris

Bénédicte Dalaval
CRBM, Montpellier



Nicolas Borghi
Mechanotransduction: from Cell Surface to Nucleus

Nicolas Minc
Cellular Spatial Organization

Guillaume Romet-Lemonne & Antoine Jégou
Regulation of Actin Assembly Dynamics