Post-doctoral position in Cell biology (M/W)

Contract: 6 months
Hire date: 1 mars 2024

Apply before January 17th janvier 2024 on



A post-doctoral Research Scientist position is open in the “Mechanotransduction: from Cell Surface to Nucleus” team at the Institut Jacques Monod (UMR7592 CNRS/Université Paris Cité, Paris, France) to work on a project that aims at revealing how epithelial cells transmit and transduce mechanical forces into biochemical signals. This project fits in the general interest of the team to understand how macromolecular complexes transmit and transduce mechanical cues within and between cells, and how these cues affect cell functions such as cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, and transcriptional activity. To do so the team applies and develops genetically engineered tools, quantitative fluorescence microscopies and micromanipulation approaches to quantitatively control and monitor molecular functions within live cells.


The successful candidate will

  • participate in the design of the project,
  • use and develop methodologies,
  • carry out experiments,
  • analyze and communicate the data,
  • write reviews and research articles.

The candidate will use a wide range of approaches including advanced live-cell imaging (FRET, FLIM, FCS) cell biology (mammalian cell culture, transfection, molecular biology…) and cell and tissue micromanipulation


The candidate should have a PhD (or have it completed before the start of the position), in biology or in soft matter physics with a strong interest in biology. The candidate must be rigorous, have excellent organizational and teamwork skills, have the ability to lead, and be able to express himself / herself in English, written and spoken (the practice of French is not compulsory).

Work context

The Institut Jacques Monod (IJM), which is housed in a building of 1800 square meters, located on the new campus of the Paris left bank urban project, is one of the main centers of fundamental research in biology in Paris, and offers a multidisciplinary research environment. The IJM brings together thirty research groups working on cell and developmental biology, biophysics and genomics. The postdoctoral researcher will benefit from an extremely stimulating scientific environment, and will have access to state-of-the-art core facilities (live-cell imaging, electronic imaging and flow cytometry), located at the IJM.


The contract is an 6-month fixed-term contract with a possibility of extension. The position is to be filled as from March 1st 2024. Applications must be submitted on this interface; they should include a CV and a letter of motivation summarizing the scientific interests of the candidate, as well as the contact information of 2 scientists who could provide recommendations.