Post-doc in bioinformatics to study the evolution of Arf family GTPases and their regulators (M/W)

Contract: 12 months
Expected date of employment: 15 September 2023

Apply before August, 11th 2023:


The post-doc will be involved in bioinformatics research into the functions of regulators of membrane dynamics in eukaryotic cells. In particular, the project will focus on the functions of the Arf family of GTPase regulators, from archaea to eukaryotes.


– Search of genomic databases for sequences encoding regulators of Arf family of proteins, in particular proteins that catalyse or accelerate the GTPase activity of Arf family proteins.
– Phylogenetic analysis of the sequences identified, first in eukaryotes and then in Asgard archaea.


– In-depth knowledge of bioinformatics
– General knowledge of biology
– High level of proficiency in English (written and spoken)

– Proven experience in phylogenetic analysis of protein sequences
– Recording experimental results, keeping a laboratory notebook and participating in the dissemination and exploitation of results in the form of oral presentations and publications.
– Ability to learn new techniques as the project develops

Personal skills:
– Technical rigour and organisational skills
– Ability to work independently
– Ability to work well in a team
– Ability to adapt in a multidisciplinary environment

Work context

The candidate will work with the co-leader of the ‘Membrane Dynamics and Intracellular Trafficking’ team, Catherine Jackson, Institut Jacques Monod (IJM), Paris, and will work with her collaborator Joel Dacks, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, an expert in bioinformatics.