Nicolas JOLY (Institut Jacques Monod), winner of the Maurice Nicloux Prize 2021!

Nicolas JOLY (Institut Jacques Monod), winner of the Maurice Nicloux Prize 2021!

A member of the Pintard team at the Institut Jacques Monod (UMR7592 CNRS/University of Paris), and a CNRS research fellow, Nicolas Joly has just been awarded the Maurice Nicloux 2021 prize by the French Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society (SFBBM).


This prize commemorates the first president and founder of the French Society of Biological Chemistry created in 1914, and is awarded each year by the SFBBM to distinguish high-level scientific work.


Nicolas Joly did his thesis in the laboratory of Pr Pugsley (Institut Pasteur, Paris) and then a post-doctoral internship in the laboratory of Pr Buck (Imperial College London).


During his scientific career, he developed a unique expertise in the biochemical, structural and functional characterisation of molecular motors, the AAA+ ATPases (ATPases Associated with Different Cellular Activities) which convert chemical energy into mechanical energy to regulate numerous cellular processes such as transcription, replication or protein degradation.


At the end of his post-doctoral fellowship, he was recruited as a research fellow at CNRS in Dr Strick’s laboratory (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris), where he deployed single molecule approaches to study these enzymes in the context of bacterial transcription. In 2015, he joined the team led by Dr Pintard (Institut Jacques Monod) where he then focused on the molecular understanding of the mode of action of a family of AAA+ ATPases involved in microtubule cleavage and regulation of cell division.

More information on website SFBBM.


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