AQV days 2023

AQV days 2023

Cécile Leduc, Nicolas Borghi and Veronique Proux are co-organizing a biophysics conference in May for the GDR Quantitative approaches of living system.

This event will take place on between May 10th-12nd 2023.

The registrations are open until April 7th.

  1. inscription on the web site where you can submit an abstract for oral/poster contribution
  2. payment – by credit card only – following the link

Final registration will be effective only after payment. Note that only 130 places are available.

The fees are :

  1. 250 euros for permanent staff (researchers, associate professors and professors, engineers, technicians)
  2. 120 euros for non-permanent staff (PhD students, post-docs, CDD engineers)
  3.  80 euros for master students

They include accommodation with full board from Wednesday May 10 evening to Friday May 12 after Lunch (2 nights, 4 meals, 2 breakfasts) and round-trip bus transportation on Wednesday (~12h30) and Friday (~13h30) from the train station La Rochelle to the CNRS center at Ile d’Oleron. Nothing is planned for the lunch of Wednesday, do not forget to bring or buy food for the bus transport La Rochelle-Oléron which takes about 2h.

We highly recommend to book your train tickets as soon as possible, since there are very few trains running these days. The biggest train station close to Oléron is La Rochelle ; the bus will also stop by the station Rochefort.

We will have the pleasure to welcome 4 guest speakers on each of the four major themes that make up our community:

  •     Dynamics of Molecular Assemblies: Cornelia Monzel (University of Dusseldorf)
  •     Cellular and Tissue Mechanics: Ewa Paluch (Cambridge University)
  •     Regulation, Signaling, Networks, Systems: Massimo Vergassola (ENS, Paris)
  •     Collective phenomena: Tâm Mignot (Aix-Marseille University)

We will also select about 20 oral contributions among the submitted abstracts.

The conference will also be an opportunity to discuss around two round tables devoted to professional insertion in the academic or private sector.

This event is intended to be a moment of meeting and exchange. Thus, we strongly encourage the participation of students.

The organizing committee: Isabelle Bonnet, Nicolas Borghi, Nicolas Desprat, Cécile Leduc, Véronique Proux-Gillardeaux, Marie-Emilie Terret