4th Symposium on Fungal Genetics Ile de France 2023 21/11/2023

4th Symposium on Fungal Genetics Ile de France 2023 21/11/2023

Symphosium on Fungal Genetics Ile de France 2023 

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The symposium seeks to

– Promote the exchange of ideas and results on fungal genetics topics pursued in the Paris region;

– Encourage the participation of young researchers (PhD students and post-docs);

– Address technical and scientific challenges faced by our fungal research community.


All the topics related to fungal genetics are welcome including

– Pathogenicity, effectors & secondary metabolism;

– Development and sexual reproduction;

– Genome structure and chromatin-based regulation;

– Population genetics and epidemiology;

– Fungal genetic engineering & biotechnology.


The symposium will take place on November 21, at the Institut Jacques Monod, amphitheater Buffon, bat. Buffon, 15 rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris.


Registration is free but required. A number of oral presentations will be chosen from submitted abstracts. A poster session will also be organized. The abstracts should be submitted by email to fungi.idf@gmail.com. The deadline for registering and submitting your abstract is November 3.


The scientific organization committee includes Frederique Bidard-Michelot (IFPEN), Isabelle Fudal (INRAE), Jeanne Ropars (CNRS), Eugene Gladyshev (Institut Pasteur), Fabienne Malagnac (Université Paris-Saclay), and Sylvain Brun (Université Paris Cité).