Electronic microscopy




  • Tecnai 12 trasnmission electron microscope, equipped with a CCD camera (OneView 4Kx4K Gatan) driven by the GMS software (self-service after training)
  • TeneoVS scanning electron microscope, equipped with ETD, SE and BSE detectors and the VolumeScope module (for Serial-Block-Face mode) driven by FEI and Maps2 software (self-service after training)
  • Fischione 2020 tomography object holder, with tilt up to +/-80°.
  • Leica EM PACT2 high pressure cryofixation unit
  • Leica AFS devices: automated cryosubstitution.
  • ultramicrotomes (1 Leica UC6, 1 Leica UCT): production of semi- and ultra-fine sections of biological samples embedded in various resins (self-service after training).
  • Leica UC7-FC7 ultracryomicrotome: making semi- and ultra-fine sections of frozen biological samples.
  • Cressington 308R carbon evaporator: vacuum evaporation of carbon on grids (self-service after training).