LSM980 Airyscan2 8Y NLO


User Manual

The Basic Principle of Airyscan
The Basic Principle of 2 photon microscopy


  • High sensitivity point scanning confocal imaging
  • Spectral array GaAsP detectors
  • AiryScan2 SR module with up to 1.5x resolution gain and high SNR
  • AiryScan2 8Y module with up to 8x speed and high SNR
  • Inverted microscope
  • Incubation for live cell timelapse – temp and CO2 control
  • Timelapse with Definite focus2
  • Multi-position
  • Tiles acquisition and stitching of images
  • BF and Nomarski contrast (DIC)
  • 2 Photon microscopy for thick sample (NLO)

Detailed Specifications

Zeiss Axio Observer7 stand with Definite Focus3
Motorized XY stage
Piezo Z stage 500µm

Metal halide fluorescence source for widefield eyepiece visualization
with Blue, Green, Red fluorescence cubes

Full environmental chamber with heating, humidity and CO2 control (Pecon)


  • 405 nm, 445 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 561 nm, 639 nm
  • Pulsed laser InSight DeepSee (Spectra-physics) Tunable from 700 to 1300nm for 2 photon microscopy


  • 10x/0,45 C-apochromat Water (421747-9900)
  • 25x/0.8 Plan-Apochromat Imm LD LCI Korr DIC (420852-9871)
  • 40x/1,2 LD LCI Plan-Apochromat Imm Korr DIC (420862-9970)
  • 40x/1.1 LD C-APO Water Korr (421867-9970)
  • 63x/1.4 Plan-Apochromat Oil DIC (420782-9900)


  • GaAsP high QE 32 channel spectral array with unmixing capability
  • 2 standard alkali PMTs in positions for blue and far-red detection
  • AiryScan SR detector module and AiryScan Fast 4Y-8Y capability
  • Transmitted light detector
  • 2 standard alkali PMT and 2 GaAsP detectors for 2 photon microscopy

Workstation Z6 (HP)
CPU: Intel Xeon gold 6234 2 x 3.3 GHz; Memory: 192GB
Acquisition software Zen 3.5
Direct network link to Zeiss offline workstation – designed for Airyscan processing