Conférence Monod-Diderot – Yves Barral – 10/01/2023

Conférence Monod-Diderot – Yves Barral – 10/01/2023

La première Conférence Monod-Diderot de l’année accueillera le mardi 10 janvier à 11h45 Yves Barral (ETH Zürich) pour une présentation intitulée :

Mechanisms of microtubule specialization and its role in asymmetric cell division

Accès libre en Amphi Buffon – 15, rue Hélène Brion – 75013 Paris


Barral Lab:

Cells are the basic unit of life and have acquired in evolution not only the ability to proliferate but also to take decisions, protect themselves against a broad variety of stresses or pathogens, memorize information about their past experience and adapt their shape and activities to environmental cues and conditions. We are using different yeast species to study how Eukaryotes carry out these different functions and how these activities contribute to cellular diversity, speciation and aging. We focus particularly on the role of two universal processes in Eukaryotes, namely cell division (particularly asymmetric cell division) and the sexual cycle (focusing on mating).