IJM News since 2010

  • Secretory pathway's role in the internalization and signaling of EGF receptor

    A novel mode of regulation of internalization (endocytosis) and signaling of EGFR involved in tumor cell proliferation has been revealed by investigators at the Institut Jacques Monod. Article published in Journal of Cell Science

  • June 7 - 9 2010 - 13th Meeting "Young Researchers in Life Sciences"

    organized by the associations of young researchers of the Institut Jacques Monod, Institut Curie, Institut de Biologie de l'ENS, Institut Pasteur, Unité Biologie Fonctionnelle et Adaptative, UMR Epigénétique et Destin Cellulaire, and the French Association of Scientific Physicians and Pharmacists.

  • Friday June 4, 2010 - Symposium sRNAs EVERYWHERE!

    This Symposium highlights the increasingly diverse roles attributed to RNAs in all walks of life.

  • Thursday May 20 and Friday 21, 2010 - International workshop organized within the scope of the Network of Excellence "Rubicon" : Role of various types of ubiquitin chains in membrane trafficking

    This workshop, sponsored by the European network Rubicon, was an opportunity for researchers to summarize present knowledge on the involvement in protein trafficking of oligo- or polyubiquitin chains differing from UbK48.

  • May 20, 21, 2010: Workshop Rubicon

    Role of various types of ubiquitin chains in membrane trafficking

  • November 2009: Group Leader Position in the broad fields of genome organization, structure and function...

    The Jacques Monod Institute seeks to recruit an exceptionally talented scientist to lead a new research group within its Program in Genomes and Epigenomes.

  • Friday January 22nd, 2010: Conference “Ver Midi XIII”

  • La Fête de la Science à l'IJM

    Les 13 et 14 octobre, l'Institut Jacques Monod ouvre les portes de ses laboratoires et explique les métiers de la recherche, dans le cadre de la Fête de la Science 2011

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