Zeiss Lumar.V12 Stereoscope



  • Digital image capture
  • Brightfield/darkfield ; transmitted/reflected light
  • Blue, green and red fluorescence
  • 4 to 150x total magnification (= ~5x to ~15x objective on a standard scope)
  • Image field of view up to ~30 mm
  • Z-stacks
  • Time lapse

Detailed Specifications

Lumar.V12 stereoscope body, motorized focus column and base (Zeiss Microscopy)

SyCoP system control panel with EMS-1

0.8x and 1.5x objectives

Transmitted and reflected light sources

HBO100 fluorescence arc lamp

Fluorescence filters
Blue (Ex peak 350 nm ; Em peak 460 nm)
Green (Ex peak 470 nm ; Em peak 525 nm)
Red (Ex peak 545 nm ; Em peak 605nm)

Camera : sCMOS Orca Flash 4 LT plus; 2048 x 2048 pixels (Hamamatsu)

Z400 Tower Workstation (HP)
Intel Xeon W3520 2,67GHZ; 16 Go RAM
Acquisition software ZEN 2 (Blue Edition)