Lionel Pintard

Research Director CNRS

+33 (0)157278089




I did my PhD under the supervision of Dr Bruno LAPEYRE at the CRBM in Montpellier. During my PhD, I identified and characterized a family of 2′O RNA Methylases involved in the modification of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial ribosomal RNA as well as tRNA in budding yeast (Pintard et al. MCB 2000, Pintard et al. Embo J. 2002a and Pintard et al. Embo J. 2002b). I then joined the group of Matthias Peter at ISREC in Lausanne and then at the ETH in Zurich (2001-2004) where I identified and characterized, together with Thimo KURZ in the group of Bruce BOWERMAN, a CUL-3-based E3-Ligase regulating the meiosis-to-mitosis transition in the early C. elegans embryo (Kurz et al Science 2002, Pintard et al. Nature 2003, Pintard Current Biology 2003). I then joined the group of Mike TYERS in Toronto to implement proteomic approaches to the C. elegans embryo. We applied these methods to define the interaction network of an important regulator of Cullin-RING E3-Ligases, the COP9 Signalosome, both in C. elegans (Luke-Glaser MCB 2007) and in mammalian cells (Olma et al. JCS 2010). I joined the Jacques Monod Institute in 2007 and started my own group in 2008 with the support of an ATIP grant from the CNRS.


Médaille de bronze CNRS 2011