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Palancade, B & Rothstein, R (2021)

The ultimate (mis)-match: when DNA meets RNA

Cells 10(6):1433


Lautier O, Penzo A, Rouvière JO, Chevreux G, Collet L, Loïodice I, Taddei A, Devaux F, Collart MA, Palancade B. (2021)

Co-translational assembly and localized translation of nucleoporins in nuclear pore complex biogenesis.

Mol Cell. 2021 Apr 4:S1097-2765(21)00225-2.

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Andric V, Nevers A, Hazra D, Auxilien S, Menant A, Graille M, Palancade B, Rougemaille M. (2021)

A scaffold lncRNA shapes the mitosis to meiosis switch.

Nature communications. 12(1):770.


Kramarz K, Schirmeisen K, Boucherit V, Ait Saada A, Lovo C, Palancade B, Freudenreich C, Lambert SAE. (2020)

The nuclear pore primes recombination-dependent DNA synthesis at arrested forks by promoting SUMO removal.

Nature communications. 11(1):5643.


Hazra D, Andrić V, Palancade B, Rougemaille M, Graille M. (2020)

Formation of S. pombe Erh1 homodimer mediates gametogenic gene silencing and meiosis progression.

Sci Rep. 10(1):1034.


Infantino V, Tutucci E, Yeh Martin N, Zihlmann A, Garcia-Molinero V, Silvano G, Palancade B, Stutz F. (2019)

The mRNA export adaptor Yra1 contributes to DNA double-strand break repair through its C-box domain.

PLoS One. 14(4):e0206336.


Talhaoui I, Bernal M, Mullen JR, Dorison H, Palancade B, Brill SJ, Mazón G. (2018)

Slx5-Slx8 ubiquitin ligase targets active pools of the Yen1 nuclease to limit crossover formation.

Nature communications. 9(1):5016.

Rouviere JO, Bulfoni M, Tuck A, Cosson B, Devaux F & Palancade B. (2018)

A SUMO-dependent feedback loop senses and controls the biogenesis of nuclear pore subunits.

Nature communications. 9(1):1665

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Palancade, B. (2018)

R-loop dependent genetic instability : why introns matter

médecine/sciences. 34(4):300-302


Bonnet A, Grosso AR, Elkaoutari A, Coleno E, Presle A, Sridhara SC, Janbon G, Géli V, de Almeida SF & Palancade B. (2017)

Introns protect eukaryotic genomes from transcription-associated genetic instability

Mol Cell. 67(4):608-621.e6

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Babour A, Dos-Santos J , Shen Q, Murray S, Gay A, Challal D, Fasken M, Palancade B, Corbett A, Libri D, Mellor J and Dargemont C. (2016)

The chromatin remodeler ISW1 licenses nuclear mRNAs for export to the cytoplasm. 



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Tma108, a putative M1 aminopeptidase, is a specific nascent chain-associated protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 

Nucleic Acids Research 44(18):8826-8841.


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A single aspartate mutation in the conserved catalytic site of Rev3L generates a hypomorphic phenotype in vivo and in vitro.

DNA Repair (Amst). 46:37-46.

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Intron or no intron: a matter for nuclear pore complexes

Nucleus 28:1-7


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Nuclear pores affect distinct stages of intron-containing gene expression 

Nucleic Acids Research 43(8):4249-61


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Yap7 is a transcriptional repressor of nitric oxide oxidase in yeasts, which arose from neofunctionalization after whole genome duplication.

Mol Microbiol. 96(5):951-972.