RNA biogenesis and genome homeostasis



Guaranteeing genome integrity while ensuring gene expression is a permanent challenge in living cells: while the regulated production of messenger RNAs is critical for the establishment of gene expression patterns, it can compete with the maintenance and the duplication of chromosomes. In this context, our team explores the mechanisms that keep in check the different stages of mRNA metabolism, from their synthesis in the nucleus to their export and translation in the cytoplasm. We are specially willing to understand:

– how mRNA biogenesis is synchronized with other DNA-dependent molecular transactions, by counteracting the formation of genotoxic DNA:mRNA hybrids (or R-loops);

– how these processes are spatially organized, in particular with respect to nuclear pores, the macromolecular complexes ensuring the transit of mRNAs out of the nucleus.

To address these questions, the integrative approach adopted by our team combines systematic and mechanistic approaches in a unicellular model eukaryote, the yeast S. cerevisiae .


Group Leader : Benoit Palancade

Research Director CNRS

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Research Topics:


Biologie quantitative et modélisation

Dynamique cellulaire et signalisation

Dynamique du génome et des chromosomes

Pathologies moléculaires et cellulaires


Selected publications:


Palancade, B & Rothstein, R (2021)

The ultimate (mis)-match: when DNA meets RNA

Cells 10(6):1433



Lautier O, Penzo A, Rouvière JO, Chevreux G, Collet L, Loïodice I, Taddei A, Devaux F, Collart MA, Palancade B. (2021)

Co-translational assembly and localized translation of nucleoporins in nuclear pore complex biogenesis.

Mol Cell. 2021 Apr 4:S1097-2765(21)00225-2.


Image de couverture: https://www.cell.com/molecular-cell/issue?pii=S1097-2765(20)X0012-8

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Introns protect eukaryotic genomes from transcription-associated genetic instability

Mol Cell 67(4):608-621.e6


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