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Research topics and axes: Genome and chromosome dynamics, Quantitative biology and modeling, Molecular and cellular pathologies,



The Institute Jacques Monod has decided to establish a multidisciplinary research pole to enable the groups to understand the problems associated with the informatic analysis of genomes, the big data in biology and in science. Based on diverse expertise, this collaborative place for brainstorming will allow to tackle intricate or new topics (a few examples of subjects developed in the team: "big data, synthetic lethal and therapeutic targets "" Affinity between biological target and organic ligand: relationships structure / activity and molecular design "...). The concept of crowd sourcing for research will be studied.

We (the pôle) are at heart of IJM to be close to various themes that this unit has assembled. The staff of the institute, is interested in finding solutions to big data issues. With our expertise in biology, chemistry, mathematics, programming, statistics, big data, omics, chemoinformatics and bioinformatics, we believe we can solve the problems faced by most researchers and teachers researchers. Furthermore, we can offer new ways of thinking based on theories and methods usually used in other academic areas. To engage a real collaboration we want to be authors of articles that could result from our work.

Composed mainly of teachers-researchers (UFR SdV UP7D, chemistry UP7D UFR, UFR Math UP7D, INALCO), this pole would be able to offer innovative teaching around these new themes.

This group will be led by Anne Vanet, vice president in charge of information digital systems at UP7D, working on big data in the search for new therapies. This dual position predisposes her to be sensitive to these new themes.

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