Organizational Chart

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Core Facilities

  • Animal House
    General Coordinator : Jérôme Collignon
    Head : Isabelle Le Parco
  • Genomics-Transcriptomics
    Scientific Supervisor : Thierry Grange
  • ePole of GenoInformatics
    Head: Anne Vanet
  • ImagoSeine
    General Coordinator : Jean-Marc Verbavatz
    Flow Cytometry
    - Head : Magali Fradet
    Electron Microscopy
    - Head : Jean-Marc Verbavatz
    - Deputy : Rémi Le Borgne
    Photonic Microscopy
    - Head : Xavier Baudin

  • Palaeogenomics and Molecular Taphonomy
    Scientific Supervisor:Eva-Maria Geigl
  • Proteomics
    General Coordinator : Jean-Michel Camadro
    Head : Thibaut Léger
    Deputy : Camille Garcia
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