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A viral deubiquitylating enzyme targets viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
and affects viral infectivity.
Chenon M, Camborde L, Cheminant S, Jupin I.
EMBO J. (2012), 31,741-753.

The ubiquitin-proteasome system regulates the accumulation of Turnip
yellow mosaic virus
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase during viral infection.
Camborde L, Planchais S, Tournier V, Jakubiec A, Drugeon G, Lacassagne E,
Pflieger S, Chenon M, Jupin I.
Plant Cell. 2010 Sep;22(9):3142-52.
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Efficient virus-induced gene silencing in Arabidopsis using a 'one-step'
TYMV-derived vector.
Pflieger S, Blanchet S, Camborde L, Drugeon G, Rousseau A, Noizet M,
Planchais S, Jupin I.
Plant J. 2008 Nov;56(4):678-90.
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Regulation of positive-strand RNA virus replication: the emerging role of
Jakubiec A, Jupin I.
Virus Res. 2007 Nov;129(2):73-9.
PMID: 17764774

Proteolytic processing of turnip yellow mosaic virus replication proteins
and functional impact on infectivity.
Jakubiec A, Drugeon G, Camborde L, Jupin I.
J Virol. 2007 Oct;81(20):11402-12.

A Turnip yellow mosaic virus infection system in Arabidopsis suspension
cell culture.
Camborde L, Tournier V, Noizet M, Jupin I.
FEBS Lett. 2007 Jan 23;581(2):337-41.
PMID: 17222410

Phosphorylation of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and its role in
replication of a plus-strand RNA virus.
Jakubiec A, Tournier V, Drugeon G, Pflieger S, Camborde L, Vinh J,
Héricourt F, Redeker V, Jupin I.
J Biol Chem. 2006 Jul 28;281(30):21236-49.

Assembly of turnip yellow mosaic virus replication complexes: interaction
between the proteinase and polymerase domains of the replication proteins.
Jakubiec A, Notaise J, Tournier V, Héricourt F, Block MA, Drugeon G, van
Aelst L, Jupin I.
J Virol. 2004 Aug;78(15):7945-57.
PMID: 15254167

Targeting of the turnip yellow mosaic virus 66K replication protein to the
chloroplast envelope is mediated by the 140K protein.
Prod'homme D, Jakubiec A, Tournier V, Drugeon G, Jupin I.
J Virol. 2003 Sep;77(17):9124-35.PMID: 12915529

Stability in vitro of the 69K movement prote