Drosophila Evolution

Group leader

November 2014: Virginie Orgogozo, the Irène Joliot-Curie Prize 2014 of the "Young Woman Scientist"
May 2014: Virginie Orgogozo chosen among “40 under 40” for the 40th anniversary of Cell
March 14: Virginie Orgogozo, CNRS Bronze Medal Winner !

September 13: Virginie Orgogozo selected by the ERC in its Starting Grant competition!

Ever since Darwin, research in evolutionary biology has been trying to understand biodiversity - the great number of species in nature, each with features so well adapted to its environment. In our current understanding of evolution, the genes and the mutations responsible for phenotypic differences have no distinctive features: mutations occur randomly and a few of them happen to spread in populations through selection and chance. However, phenotypic evolution may not involve random genes and random mutations. There might be rules to be discovered about the mutations underlying evolution.

We are using a combination of various approaches to identify the mutations responsible for evolutionary changes between Drosophila species and to reconstruct past evolutionary events. We hope that our work will provide new and rigourous data to better understand our evolution, past and future.

The group is part of the Labex “Who am I?”

Selection of publications

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