Publications IJM 2012-2017

To view a list of the articles published by members of the Institut Jacques-Monod from June 2005 to date, with in some cases the full text of the corresponding manuscript, go to the Institut Jacques Monod page in the open archive HAL (Hyper Article on Line).

HAL is a tool for direct scientific communication between researchers. Documents deposited in HAL are not subjected to any peer evaluation; but they should, however, be of sufficient quality to rate submission for publication in a specialized scientific journal. They should be uploaded either by one of the co-authors with the permission of the others or by an authorized person (e.g. librarian) who takes responsibility. The free access to these documents is intended to provide the widest possible diffusion of research work, but the intellectual property remains that of the authors. The users should conform to the usual standards of good academic usage, in the same way as in paper publications: respect of original work, citation of previous work, no plagiarism, etc.

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You can also view the list of publications (2005 and earlier) of any group or core facility by accessing its web page from the organizational chart.

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