Research Groups

The IJM is composed of the following research groups (see Organizational Chart)

Group Leaders Groups
Juliette AZIMZADEH Cell Polarity in Development and Evolution
Guillaume BALAVOINE Evolution and Development of Metazoans
Nicolas BORGHI Mechanotransduction: from Cell Surface to Nucleus
Jean-Charles CADORET Pathology of DNA Replication
Jean-Michel CAMADRO Mitochondria, Metals and Oxidative Stress
Jérôme COLLIGNON Regulation of Cell-Fate Specification in the Mouse
Paul CONDUIT Regulation of microtubules in multicellular animals
Virginie COURTIER Evolution and Genetics
Valérie DOYE & Roger KARESS Non-Conventional Functions of Nuclear Pores
Sandra DUHARCOURT Epigenetic Regulation of Genome Organization
Julien DUMONT Cell Division and Reproduction
Thierry GRANGE & Eva-Maria GEIGL Epigenome and Paleogenome
Maxim GREENBERG Chromatin Dynamics in Mammalian Development
Antoine GUICHET Polarity and Morphogenesis
Cathy JACKSON & Jean-Marc VERBAVATZ Membrane Dynamics and Intracellular Trafficking
Isabelle JUPIN Molecular Virology
Benoît LADOUX & René-Marc MEGE Cell Adhesion and Mechanics
Sébastien LEON Membrane Trafficking, Ubiquitin and Signalling
Domenico LIBRI Metabolism and Function of RNA in the Nucleus
Nicolas MINC Cellular Spatial Organization
Benoît PALANCADE RNA biogenesis and genome homeostasis
Lionel PINTARD Cell Cycle and Development
Anne PLESSIS Development, Signalling and Trafficking
Marie-Noëlle PRIOLEAU Chromosomal Domains and DNA Replication
Vanessa RIBES Transcriptional networks and neural differentiation
Guillaume ROMET-LEMONNE & Antoine JEGOU Regulation of Actin Assembly Dynamics
Reiner VEITIA Molecular Oncology and Ovarian Pathologies
Michel VERVOORT Stem Cells, Development and Evolution
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