The Institut Jacques-Monod, funded jointly by the CNRS and the University Paris Diderot, is one of the main centers for basic research in biology in the Paris area.
It is headed by Michel Werner, Research Director.

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  • January 2019: when Transcription Meets Replication

    Conflicting activities necessary for the expression, the maintenance and the propagation of genomes need to be coordinated. Just like one's liberty to swing fists ends where another's nose begins, coordination is achieved through a tight control of where and when directly opposed activities take place. In a study published recently in eLife, researchers from the Libri team are now showing that replication factors generally "protect" sites where replication initiates by terminating incoming transcription, and that the low levels of transcription that enter origins of replication affect their firing efficiency.

  • January 2019 : Cell shape changes and cytoskeleton adaptation to migrate into complex environments

    Cell migration is an essential biological process that drives tissue and organ formation during embryo development, and also helps protect the body through immune response and wound healing mechanisms.

  • January 2019: General Regulatory Factors: guardians of transcription fidelity

    What is a transcription factor? Classical biology tells us that a transcription factor binds to a promoter and activates (or represses) gene expression by promoting (or inhibiting) the initiation of transcription. What about transcription factors that activates gene expression by inhibiting initiation?

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February 2019: One year, extendable contract, "RNA biogenesis and genome homesotasis" team.

July 2018: A post-doctoral position, october 2018 - CDD (2 years)

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  • Tuesday26 March2019

    Séminaire de l'Institut

    Frank LAFONT

    Autophagy modulation and mechanobiology in the context of intercellular interactions
  • Friday05 April2019

    Séminaire de l'Institut

    Federico PELISCH

    Sumoylation regulates protein dynamics during chromosome segregation in oocytes
  • Tuesday09 April2019

    Séminaire de l'Institut

    Zdena PALKOVA

    Life within a multicellular community: Development and differentiation of yeast colonies and biofilms

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