The Institut Jacques-Monod, funded jointly by the CNRS and the University Paris Diderot, is one of the main centers for basic research in biology in the Paris area.
It is headed by Michel Werner, Research Director.

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  • Françoise Poirier (1954-2018)

    Sadly, our colleague Françoise Poirier passed away on March 2, 2018, after a long illness. On behalf of the members of the Institut Jacques Monod, we convey our deepest condolences to her husband Roger Karess, Deputy Director of the institute, and to their children Elodie and Gabriel.

  • Call for New Group Leaders

    The Institut Jacques Monod (IJM), a leading center of fundamental biological research in Paris, is seeking to appoint several new group leaders. The IJM is comprised of about 30 research groups working in the fields of genetics and genomics, biophysics, cell biology, development and evolution.

  • February 2018: A model of how the most common mitochondrial DNA mutation vanishes from leukocytes

    Mitochondrial diseases result from a dysfunction of mitochondria. Such organelles are responsible for providing more than 90% of the energy required by our organs to support life. In case of failure, the energy generated is not enough and leads to disorders ranging from exercise intolerance to an overt disease. The organs that have a great energy demand, such as the heart, brain or the muscles, are the most affected ones. Mitochondrial diseases are often hard to diagnose, because they affect each individual differently. Symptoms can include developmental delay, intellectual disability, seizures, inability to walk, talk, see, and other complications. Mitochondrial diseases may be caused by alterations of the mitochondrial genome. R. Veitia, from the Molecular Oncology and Ovarian Pathologies Team, has proposed a mathematical model which might be useful to predict the effects of the most common mitochondrial DNA mutation. This work has just been published (20/02/2018) in Human Molecular Genetics.

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