ImagoSeine: Electron Microscopy, Flow Cytometry, Photonic Microscopy

ImagoSeine is the service and R&D (Research & Development) Imaging facility of the Institut Jacques Monod.
ImagoSeine is member of the national research infrastructure France-BioImaging and of the european network Euro-BioImaging.

The aim is to develop top-notch imaging technologies, to give users the possibility to perform biological research at a competitive international level, and to transfer methodologies and technologies to the scientific and medical communities.
The ultimate goal is to visualize single biomolecules and quantify their functions, dynamics and interactions within the context of live biological systems (cells and organisms). 

The facility is composed by the following 3 activities :

  • Electron microscopy: it allows the ultrastructure analysis of the cell and its components. It includes the transmission electron microscopy and the sample preparation at room or low temperature.
  • Flow cytometry: it allows the qualitative and quantitative multiparametric and multicolor analysis and the high-throuput cell sorting, based on the size, the granulosity, and the fluorescence intensity of the elements in suspension. These elements can be cells, bacteria, yeast, but also  subcellular components, like cell nuclei, mitochondria, chloroplasts, chromosomes, etc.
  • Photonic microscopy: it allows the visualisation and analysis of the structure and the dynamic processes at the cellular level (procaryotes and eucaryotes) and tissular level. It proposes an advanced expertise and innovant equipement, that allow the observation of the single molecule until the scale of an organism.

Created to provide access to innovative technologies, the facility is open for use by investigators from both the academic and privately-funded research communities.

ImagoSeine is supported by IBiSA, the French National Research Agency, FRM, ARC, CNRS, Inserm and Université Paris Diderot.

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