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Cianciolo Cosentino C.*, Berto A*, Hari M, Loffing J, Neuhauss SCF, Doye V
Nucleoporin 133 deficiency leads to glomerular damage in zebrafish
[bioRXiv preprint]: first posted online Jun. 21, 2018;

Berto A. and Doye V.
Regulation of Cenp-F localization to nuclear pores and kinetochores
Cell Cycle 2018. Sept 9. In press.

Souquet B, Freed E, Berto A, Andric V, Audugé N, Reina-San-Martin B, Lacy E, Doye V.
Nup133 Is Required for Proper Nuclear Pore Basket Assembly and Dynamics in Embryonic Stem Cells.
Cell Rep. 2018 May 22;23(8):2443-2454.

Berto A, Yu J, Morchoisne-Bolhy S, Bertipaglia C, Vallee R, Dumont J, Ochsenbein F, Guerois R, Doye V.
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EMBO Rep. 2018 May;19(5). pii: e44742.


Martino L, Morchoisne-Bolhy S, Cheerambathur DK, Van Hove L, Dumont J, Joly N, Desai A, Doye V, Pintard L.
Channel Nucleoporins Recruit PLK-1 to Nuclear Pore Complexes to Direct Nuclear Envelope Breakdown in C. elegans.
Dev Cell, 2017 Oct 23;43(2):157-171.e7.


Romana S, Radford-Weiss I, Lapierre JM, Doye V , Geoffroy MC .
Formation of Nup98-containing nuclear bodies in HeLa sublines is linked to genomic rearrangements affecting chromosome 11.
Chromosoma. 2016 Sep;125(4):789-805. 10.1007/s00412-015-0567-0


Romana S, Radford-Weiss I, Lapierre JM, Doye V, Geoffroy MC.
Formation of Nup98-containing nuclear bodies in HeLa sublines is linked to genomic rearrangements affecting chromosome 11.
Chromosoma. 2015 Dec 21.

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Bending or Building: Multifaceted Functions of Amphipathic Helices in Basket Nucleoporins.
Dev Cell, 33:626-628. (Preview)

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Nuclear pore targeting of the yeast Pom33 nucleoporin depends on karyopherin and lipid binding.
J Cell Sci. 128(2):305-16.



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Sumoylation of the THO complex regulates the biogenesis of a subset of mRNPs.
Nucleic Acids Res. 42 (8): 5043-5058.


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Dynein recruitment to nuclear pores activates apical nuclear migration and mitotic entry in brain progenitor cells.
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A Nup133-dependent NPC-anchored network tethers centrosomes to the nuclear envelope in prophase.
J Cell Biol. 2011 Mar 7;192(5):855-71.
See the corresponding biosight video


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J Cell Biol. 189:795-811. (#: equal contribution)


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Sumoylating and desumoylating enzymes at nuclear pores: underpinning their unexpected duties?
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Mol. Biol. Cell, 15 :3333-3344


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The conserved Nup107-160 complex is critical for nuclear pore complex assembly
Cell., Apr 18;113(2):195-206


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Biology of the Cell, 92 p 159

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