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Cabral, G., Laos, T., Dumont, J.,& Dammermann A.
Differential Requirements for Centrioles in Mitotic Centrosome Growth and Maintenance.Dev. Cell,50, (3):355-366(2019), doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2019.06.004


Edwards, F., Maton, G., Gareil, N., Canman, J.C. & Dumont, J.
BUB-1 promotes amphitelic chromosome biorientation via multiple activities at the kinetochore. eLife 2018;7:e40690 (2018),doi: 10.7554/eLife.40690

Hirsch, S.M., Sundaramoorthy, S., Davies, T., Zhuravlev, Y., Waters, J.C., Shirasu-Hiza, M., Dumont, J. & Canman, J.C.  
FLIRT: Fast Local InfraRed Thermogenetics for subcellular control of protein function. Nature Methods, (2018),doi:10.1038/s41592-018-0168-y

Davies, T., Kim, H.X., Romano Spica, N., Lesea-Pringle, B.J., Dumont, J., Shirasu-Hiza, M. & Canman, J.C.
Cell-intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms promote cell-type specific cytokinetic diversity.
eLife, 2018;7:e36204 (2018),

Laband, K., Lacroix, B., Edwards, F., Canman, J.C. & Dumont, J.
Live imaging of C. elegans oocytes and early embryos.
Methods Cell Biol, 145:217-236 (2018),

Lacroix, B., Letort, G., Pitayu, L., Sallé, J., Stefanutti, M., Maton, G., Ladouceur, AM., Canman, J.C., Maddox, PS., Maddox, AS., Minc, N., Nédélec, F. & Dumont, J.
Microtubule dynamics scale with cell size to set spindle length and assembly timing.
Dev Cell, 45:496-511 e496, (2018),
Highlighted in Dev Cell 45:421-423, (2018)
Highlighted on F1000 #eval793546852

Berto, A., Yu, J., Morchoisne-Bolhy, S., Bertipaglia, C., Vallee, R., Dumont, J., Ochsenbein, F., Guerois, R. & Doye, V.
Disentangling the molecular determinants for Cenp-F localization to nuclear pores and kinetochores.
EMBO Report, 19(5), (2018).


Laband, K., Le Borgne, R., Edwards, F., Stefanutti, M., Canman, J.C., Verbavatz, J-M. & Dumont, J.
Chromosome segregation occurs by microtubule pushing in oocytes
Nat Comm,Nov 14;8(1):1499, (2017).

Gigant, E.*, Stefanutti, M.*, Laband, K., Gluszek-Kustusz, A., Edwards, F., Maton, G., Lacroix, B., Canman, J.C., Welburn, J. & Dumont, J.
Inhibition of ectopic microtubule assembly by the kinesin-13 KLP-7MCAK prevents chromosome segregation and cytokinesis defects in oocytes
Development, 144(9):1674-1686 (2017).

Luscan, R., Mechaussier, S., Paul, A., Tian, G., Gérard, X., Loundon, N., Defoort-Delhemmes, S., Audo, I., Dumont, J., Goudin, N., Garfa-Traoré, M., Bras, M., Pouliet, A., Attié-Bittach, T., Boddaert, N., Lyonnet, S., Kaplan, J., Cowan, N.J., Rozet, J-M., Marlin, S. & Perrault, I.
Mutations in TUBB4B cause a distinctive sensorineural disease
Am J Hum Genet, (2017), in press

Davies, T., Sundaramoorthy, S., Jordan, S.N., Shirasu-Hiza, M., Dumont, J., and Canman, J.C.
Using fast-acting temperature sensitive mutants to study cell division in C. elegans.
Methods Cell Biol.,137:283-306 (2017)

Martino, L., Morchoisne-Bolhy, S., Cheerambathur, D., Van Hove, L., Dumont, J., Joly, N., Desai, A., Doye, V. & Pintard, L.
Channel nucleoporins recruit the Polo-like kinase PLK-1 to nuclear pore complexes in prophase to direct nuclear envelope breakdown in C. elegans embryos
Dev Cell, Oct 23;43(2):157-171.e7 (2017)

Zhuravlev, Y., Hirsch, S., Jordan, S., Dumont, J., Shirasu-Hiza, M. & Canman, J.C.
CYK-4 regulates Rac, but not Rho, during cytokinesis
MBoC, 1;28(9):1258-1270 (2017).

Sundaramoorthy, S., Garcia, B.A., Hirsch, S., Park, J.H., Davies, T., Dumont, J., Shirasu-Hiza, M., Kummel, A. & Canman, J.C.
Low efficiency upconversion nanoparticles for high-resolution coalignment of near-infrared and visible light paths on a light microscope
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 9 (9), pp 7929–7940 (2017).


Joly, N., Martino, L., Gigant, E., Dumont, J., & Pintard, L.
Microtubule-severing activity of AAA-ATPase Katanin is essential for female meiotic spindle assembly.
Development. 143(19):3604-3614 (2016).

Rhebergen, T., Flor, Orgogozo, V., Dumont, J., Schilthuizen, M. & Lang, M.
Drosophila pachea asymmetric lobes are part of a grasping device and stabilize one-sided mating.
BMC Evolutionary Biology, 16:176 (2016).

Hattersley, N., Cheerambathur, D., Moyle, M., Stefanutti, M., Richardson, A., Lee, K.Y., Dumont, J., Oegema, K., & Desai, A.
A Nucleoporin Docks Protein Phosphatase 1 to Direct Meiotic Chromosome Segregation and Nuclear Assembly.
Dev. Cell 35, (5):463-477 (2016).

Lacroix, B., Ryan, J., Dumont, J., Maddox, P.S. & Maddox, A.S.
Identification of microtubule growth deceleration and its regulation by conserved and novel proteins.
MBoC 1;27(9):1479-87 (2016).

Jordan, S.N., Davies, T., Zhuravlev, Y., Dumont, J.*, Shirasu-Hiza, M.* & Canman, J.C.
Cortical PAR Polarity proteins promote robust cytokinesis during asymmetric cell division.
J Cell Biol 212, (1):39-49 (2016). (*contributed equally to this paper.)


Maton, G.*, Edwards, F.*, Lacroix, B., Stefanutti, M., Laband, K., Lieury, T., Kim, T., Espeut, J., Canman, J.C., & Dumont, J.
Kinetochore components are required for central spindle assembly
Nat Cell Biol 17(5):697-705 (2015). (*co-first authors)

Dumont, J.
Aurora B/C in Meiosis: Correct Me If I’m Right
Dev Cell 33, 499-501 (2015).

Edwards, F., Maton, G., Dumont, J.
Versatile Kinetochore Components Control Central Spindle Assembly
Cell Cycle, 14:16, 1-2 (2015).


Davies, T., Jordan, S.N., Chand, V., Sees, J.A., Laband, K., Carvalho, A., Shirasu-Hiza, M., Kovar, D., Dumont, J., & Canman, J.C.
High-resolution temporal analysis reveals a functional timeline for the molecular regulation of cytokinesis
Dev Cell, Jul 28;30(2):209-23 (2014).


Gomes, J.E., Tavernier, N., Richaudeau, B., Formstecher, E., Boulin, T., Mains, P.E., Dumont, J. & Pintard, L.
Microtubule-severing by the Katanin complex is activated by PPFR-1-dependent MEI-1 dephosphorylation.
J Cell Biol 202, 431-439 (2013).

Dumont, J. & Verlhac, M.H.
Using FRET to Study RanGTP Gradients in Live Mouse Oocytes.
Methods Mol Biol 957, 107-120 (2013). 


Maddox, A.S., Azoury, J. & Dumont, J.
Polar body cytokinesis.
Cytoskeleton (Hoboken) 69, 855-868 (2012).

Dumont, J. & Desai, AB.
Acentrosomal spindle assembly and chromosome segregation during oocyte meiosis
Trends in Cell Biology 22(5):241-9. (2012).

Dumont, J.
Bipolar Disorder: Kinesin-12 to the rescue.
News and Views on : « Modulated microtubule dynamics enable Hklp2/Kif15 to assemble bipolar spindles » Stefan Florian & Thomas U. Mayer
Cell Cycle 11(2), (2012).


Dumont, J., Oegema, K. & Desai, A.
A kinetochore-independent mechanism drives anaphase chromosome separation
during acentrosomal meiosis..
Nat Cell Biol 12(9):894-901 (2010).

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