Pôle Paléogénomique et taphonomie moléculaire

Novembre 2012 : l'équipe Epigénome et paléogénome et le pôle Paléogénomique et taphonomie moléculaire sont dans Spirou !

The core facility of Palaeogenomics and Molecular Taphonomy consists of a high containment laboratory with positive air pressure on the 6th floor of the IJM, associated laboratories of molecular biology on the 5th floor and the genomics platform of the IJM. The highly contained pressurized laboratory was designed by the current users on the initial construction plans and is therefore perfectly integrated into the air circulation.  It was set up during 2009 and has been fully operational since January 2010.

The core facility is run by the Palaeogenome group of the IJM and hosts the projects of this group as well as national and international interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with the Palaeogenome group of the IJM. These projects concern the study of molecular taphonomy (the study of the molecular degradation processes occurring from the moment of death of an organism until analysis), methodological developments in palaeogenetics and palaeogenomics, and the evolutionary and archaeological aspects of research in palaeogenetics and palaeogenomics.

At present, the projects being performed in the facility concern

  • the analysis of degradation and preservation of DNA in animal tissue during burial
  • in vitro DNA repair
  • the development of reliable and highly sensitive analysis methods of ancient DNA
  • the study of past genetic diversity, phylogeny, the phylogeography of animal populations palaeopathology, the palaeoenvironment,
  • the study of human evolution.

These various topics feed into the overall research theme of the Palaeogenome group, which is the study of the evolution of genomes.

Supervisor: Eva-Maria Geigl

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